About Me

My Journey to better health and hope through herbs

Russ Lawson

I consider life a journey and sometimes I view it as part of my unexpected adventure on this road called life. You never know which way the road is going to twist and turn and you are always presented with choices as the road branches. I pray that your journey can be filled with hope no matter what problems or health issues challenge you.

Who I am

As I begin, let me tell you a little about myself and my health. I am 70 years old semi retired minister and missionary. We recently moved back to Ohio to be near our family.

I take no prescription medicine and work a full time 40 hour a week in a physically demanding job. Also I have had no health issues which I like to attribute to my use of herbs and supplements.

Now having said that I don’t take any prescriptions let me explain just a little further. The bottom line as they say; is that I don’t need any. One of the biggest problems for folks as they age is their blood pressure. My blood pressure normally is 125/72 with an average pulse of 60. Another issue is diabetes, for me my numbers are great as well as my cholesterol levels.

I don’t have arthritics either which is almost amazing for “mature” people in our society. Occasionally I’ll have an ache or pain and I try to adjust my herbs or minerals to deal with that.

Could that be just a “genetics thing”? I don’t know I am not a geneticist. I do know that before my father’s death he was crippled with two types of arthritics. He had both knees replaced, his toes straightened and his hands were so deformed he could hardly use them.

My 91 year old mother also struggles with arthritis, and both of them were or are on several prescription drugs for various issues. So genetics… I’m not learned in that area, but in this book, Health, Hope and Herbs I’ll share some of my thoughts on the subject.

As I share my journey to better understand Health, hope and Herbs, understand it was not a short journey. In fact, it began almost 30 years ago and is still continuing.

Where I’m going from here

Like some of you, I “semi” retired, because I have more month than money most of the time. So may goal is two fold:

  1. On my journey part of my goal is to share what I have learned with others. I’m doing that by my books and blog.
  2. But I am learning to do that better and make a living at it through the Wealthy Affiliates group. If you want to follow your dream and do great things with your life, then click the link on this website. Sign up for their free trial (no credit cards or other payment asked for), and it may change your life as it has mine.