Natural Pain Relievers – PhysiQOL Review

Natural Pain Relievers – PhysiQOL Review

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Some Background

The best pain relief remedy is something that most of us begin looking for as we age. Our bodies have aches and pains, we have injuries and such… life just happens that way. However finding a safe and effective natural pain reliever is not easy for most folks. I’ve been searching for just that, something that is safe and effective. After my research I feel comfortable recommending PhysiQOL.

Yes I know you can easily find over the counter pain relief and anti inflammation medicine in any pharmacy or grocery store. They abound and offer some wonderful words of encouragement singing their own praises. The problem is that some of them also offer long term side effects that may cause problems latter.

I have acquaintances who are suffering from the effects of long term use of these pain relievers awaiting both kidney and liver transplants. The FDA offers recommendations as to how much of these drugs are safe for us to take. In each case these acquaintances did not stay within the “recommended daily use” and admit to having taking large doses of these drugs. However how much of a harmful drug do you want to put into your body? We cannot control everything, but we do have choices we can make about some things.

In the recent past I had a severe back injury that eventually required surgery and the implanting of a Spinal Cord Stimulator, (you can find the book I wrote about that on and was taking over the counter pain relievers. I stayed within the recommended use levels, (I refused opioids), I have a severe hearing loss caused by the use of prescription drugs in the past so I am careful as to what drugs I take. I just had my yearly hearing test and found that I have an additional 5 percent, (in both ears), hearing loss. The only thing I can tie it to is the use of Ibuprofen.

Some things to know:

Aspirin: Most Aspirin today is made up of man made chemical compounds (Synthetic). Using the original White Willow Bark is costly and it makes it much harder to manufacture the vast amounts needed to serve the buying public. Aspirin has been shown to cause gastrointestinal problems and ulcers and sometime hemorrhaging and strokes.

  • Acetaminophen: This is known by most as “Tylenol” which is just one brand name for acetaminophen, which has been shown to be toxic to the liver. It builds up over time and sometimes causes severe problems of the liver. Alice Walton wrote: “The FDA has issued a statement urging doctors not to prescribe acetaminophen in doses higher than 325 mg. Liver damage has been a known risk of the drug for many years, with even low doses posing serious risks over the long-term.”
  • Ibuprofen: is an NSAID (non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug). Advil and Motrin are other names for these over the counter drugs. But no mater what the name ibuprofen can cause side effects such as nausea and dizziness, hypertension, DNA damage, hearing loss, and miscarriage. The National Kidney foundation writes: “Check with your doctor to be sure you can use these medicines safely, particularly if you have kidney disease. Heavy or long-term use of some of these medicines, such as ibuprofen, naproxen, and higher dose aspirin, can cause chronic kidney disease known as chronic interstitial nephritis.

    Why the concern?

I know that this may be seen by some as causing unnecessary worry, but it is my concern anyway. Isn’t it wise to at least acknowledge that synthetic drugs are at least risky when taken in the long term for pain and inflammation relief? They tend to build up in your system and are often not flushed out. Are they safe when taken as directed? Perhaps, but if there is a safer alternative I would rather take the alternative.

I have done a ton of research looking for a pain reliever that is both safe and effective. I have identified many herbs that will help relieve pain safely and without all of the side effects. Granted that anything can cause physical side effects in some of us, we have different sensitivities and weaknesses in our bodies, but I think I have found a combination of herbs that offer me the safest and most effective relief. It is a capsule compounded by Ridecrest Herbals called PhysiQOL. Below I will detail what is in this compound and how it can help.

Herbs used in PhysiQOL 


The Boswellia tree produces a sticky resin, highly valued in multiple cultures as incense and as the source of frankincense oil. For millennia it has been valued for its beneficial properties, and we now know it contains essential oils, polysaccharides, four major pentacyclic triterpenic acids, and more. These components indicate that Boswellia may be useful in supporting the body’s natural, healthy state free from excess inflammation.


An enzyme found in pineapple, bromelain has been extensively studied by scientists and found effective for a number of different uses, especially its potential to help support the body’s natural, healthy state free from excess inflammation.

Chinese Skullcap Root

One of the most widely used herbs in Chinese medicine, particularly as support for the bronchioles and the larger respiratory system. Skullcap contains compounds that support the body’s natural, healthy state free from excess inflammation, encourage natural immune function, and promote healthy urine flow, bile production, and more.

Eucommia Bark

Called Du Zhong in TCM, Eucommia bark was used to tonify the kidneys and liver. Today we know that it contains tannins and flavonoids. It has been studied by modern scientists for its potential to nourish the adrenal system.

Ginger Root

One of the world’s most delicious and flavorful offerings, ginger is one of the fifty essential herbs in TCM and is included in almost every complex formula in that tradition. Used in both Ayurvedic and TCM, the health properties are too numerous to cover, but include helping support the body’s natural immune function and ability to balance feelings of queasiness and more.

Hops Extract

A well-known plant thanks to its use in beer-brewing, it gets its name from the Anglo-Saxon word “hoppen,” meaning “to climb.”  The flowers of hops contain copious amounts of lupulin, a soothing relaxant that acts as a nervine. If you’ve ever felt a little sleepy after drinking a beer, that is because of the hops. Bitters, used to help stimulate the digestive system before eating, often use hops, and some recommend drinking hops tea before meals for the same purpose.

Indian Tinospora

Tinospora has been used both in TCM and Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Right now it is of great interest to scientific researchers because it contains at least eight known beneficial compounds including alkaloids, steroids, sesquiterpenoid, and polysaccharides. It can help support the body’s natural, healthy state free from excess inflammation, and may have analgesic properties.

Lavender Herb

Used in every culture from TCM to Shamanism, lavender is known even in the Western mainstream world for its gentle, lovely scent and ability to promote relaxation. One old tradition says that it earned its smell when the baby Jesus’ clothes were hung over a lavender plant to dry. In TCM lavender is used to promote fertility, relieve stress, and more.

Myrrh Gum (Myrrh)

Said to be tears of the punished Greek goddess who was turned into a tree, myrrh gum has been an incredibly precious and expensive resin throughout history. One of the three gifts of the Magi and used in ancient Egypt as part of the embalming process, today studies have revealed stimulative properties and potential to support the body’s natural, healthy state free from excess inflammation, along with many, many other benefits.  It is even more beneficial when paired with Boswellia (or Frankincense, as it was called anciently, also one of the three gifts of the Magi).

Teasel Root

Similar to the common thistle, in TCM teasel works on the lung and kidney meridians. Native to Europe and considered an invasive weed in the US, this plant contains iridoids, saponins, inulin, bitters, and more. It is believed to promote daily comfort and ease and support the body’s natural, healthy state free from excess inflammation.

Turmeric (Curcumin C3 Complex®)

A popular Ayurvedic herb, turmeric contains high amounts of curcumin, giving it its bright orange color. Touted as a superfood, research indicates that turmeric has a powerful ability to promote the body’s natural, healthy state free from excess inflammation and support the body’s natural immune response. We source our turmeric from Curcumin C3 Complex® (, so named because it contains three different curcuminoids for maximum effectiveness.

White Willow Bark

Research shows that white willow bark contains salicin, as well as polyphenols and flavonoids. Salicin was the compound used to develop certain modern medications because of its ability to manage everyday muscle comfort.

NOTE: Several ingredients that have been recognized for their digestive and bioavailability-supporting properties. It includes ginger root, black pepper, habanero pepper, and Sichuan pepper.

*(Much of these herb descriptions have been borrowed from the manufacture Ridgecrest Herbals,


As I said in the beginning, I feel comfortable using this product and do so daily, it has made a huge difference in how I feel and my physical limitations.


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Sinus Infections and the Natural Approach

Dealing with Sinus Infections

Definition: What is a Sinus Infection?

“A sinus infection occurs when the sinuses (or, more specifically, the mucous membranes) become inflamed and swell up because of a viral, bacterial, or fungal infection. Sinus blockage often precedes this inflammation.

The terms “sinus infection” and “sinusitis” are commonly used interchangeably, but sinusitis simply refers to the inflammation of the sinuses, with or without an infection. The medical term for sinusitis is rhinosinusitis (“rhino” meaning “nose”) because the illness affects the mucous membranes in both the sinuses and nose.” (American college of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology)

Frequency of sinus infections in the US:

 Each year an estimated 31 million Americans are diagnosed with Sinus Infections.



 Symptoms of sinus infections are often similar to the common cold or allergies, but there are some notable differences (in particular widespread sinus pressure and pain) that can help in diagnosing the illness.

The hallmark symptoms of acute sinus infections are nasal congestion and blockage, a nasal discharge that is thick with a yellow to green coloration, decreased sense of smell, and a feeling of pain, pressure, or fullness in the face.

Other symptoms may include:

  • Headache
  • Fever greater than 100.4 degrees F (note that infants under 3 months of age who have a fever should be taken to a doctor as soon as possible)
  • Fatigue
  • Cough and sore throat
  • Loss of the sense of smell
  • Postnasal drip, or mucus that drips down the throat, (especially if it is green or yellow in color that is a sign of an infection)
  • Bad breath (halitosis)
  • Ear pressure or fullness
  • Tooth pain (1,3) (Source: NNS, Scottish Government)

Normal Treatment 

  1. Antibiotics. Antibiotics are standard treatments for bacterial sinus infections. …
  2. Nasal decongestant sprays. Topical nasal decongestants can be helpful if used for no more than three to four days. …
  3. Antihistamines. …
  4. Nasal saline washes. …

Herbal Treatment

Recently I had a sinus infection with several of the symptoms listed above, sinus headache, fever, postnasal drip, ear pressure and such. I did not want another round of antibiotics and dug a little deeper in my research for treating sinus infections naturally.

Here is what I found:



 You can use Echinacea to fight against bacterial and viral infections, it is a all natural antibiotic, but it also lowers pain and inflammation, making it an excellent treatment for both the cause and symptoms of sinusitis. Echinacea works in conjunction with the bodies own defenses and strengthens the body’s immune system to fight bacteria that may cause bacterial sinusitis.



 This herb acts as a mucous membrane tonic, and specifically addresses congested secretions of the mucous membranes of the sinuses. If your drainage is green or yellow the color is indicative of a sinus infection, especially combined with a fever. Goldenseal is both cooling for the system and antimicrobial as well. Because of th at it makes an excellent choice for such a condition

Echinacea/Goldenseal combination:  Herbal Secrets Echinacea & Goldenseal Root - 450 Mg 250 Caps with Echinacea Purpurea, Goldenseal, Burdock Root & Cayenne Pepper Supports Healthy Immune Function and Overall Well-being

Dr. Christopher Hobbs says this: “Echinacea is also considered one of the most effective (herbs) for infections such as strep throat, infected wounds, urinary tract infections, bronchitis, and of course, it is often the herb of choice for colds and flu. Modern science has shown it to have strong “surface immune” activating properties.”

Nasal Washes with Colloidal silver spray:  

Stephen Frank writes concerning Sinus Infections:What you want is a broad spectrum antimicrobial that kills all types of bacteria as evenly as possible so that you don’t just eliminate the weak ones, and one that will also kill fungus.

As it turns out, pure aqueous colloidal silver is both antifungal and antibacterial (although it is more effective against bacteria than it is against fungi). It kills some bacteria better than others, but it does kill them all.

When pure aqueous colloidal silver of sufficient potency (greater than 35 ppm) is mixed with a surfactant (such as polysorbate 20) to enhance penetration into cells, it is phenomenally effective, showing kill rates greater than 1 million in less than 20 minutes.

Clinical studies have shown that enhanced colloidal silver can terminate simple sinus infections in a week or less, which is far better than sinus surgery or antibiotics.” (

Elderberry Tincture:

 Black Elderberry Alcohol-Free Liquid Extract, Organic Black Elderberry (Sambucus Nigra) Dried Berry Tincture Supplement (2 FL OZ)

 Elderberry is used for its antioxidant activity, to lower cholesterol, to improve vision, to boost the immune system, to improve heart health, and for coughs, colds, flu, bacterial and viral infections and tonsillitis. This is excellent to take as a daily tonic to strengthen the immune system against the flu.


I started taking a combination of Echinacea/Golden Seal, (2 capsules every 8 hrs.), rinsing my sinus with Colloidal silver spray (several times per day), drinking elderberry tea with added Elderberry tincture (Several cups of tea per day and the tincture at least once).

For me, on the second day the sinus headaches reduced to almost nothing. My fever reduced after the second day also. I did still have sinus pressure and drainage for another 5 days and continued to have a small amount of pressure for the next few days. All total it took about 10 days of treatment for this to relieve all of symptoms.

This was for me of course and it may be you will have a different result. Let me encourage you to check with your health care professional before trying self treatment. I am not a medical doctor, I am a Certified Herbalist.

Alternative Medicine

Herbs for health

Alternative Medicine

I practice alternative medicine, but what is alternative medicine, what is it all about? Well definitions abound and some of them are quite bias in what they have to say.

A standard dictionary says:

al·ter·na·tive med·i·cine

Any of a range of medical therapies that are not regarded as orthodox by the medical profession, such as herbalism, homeopathy, and acupuncture.”

While the often flawed Wikipedia has this to say:

Alternative medicine, fringe medicine, pseudo medicine or simply questionable medicine is promotion or use of practices which are unproven, disproven, impossible to prove, or excessively harmful in relation to their effect — in the attempt to achieve the healing effects of medicine.” Wikipedia (I disagree completely with their definition, RL).

I personally talked to one doctor who referred to the practice of alternative medicine as “Witchcraft”. These negative descriptions lead me to the conclusion that these folks really don’t know anything about alternative medicine and what it is about.

In reality, alternative medicine, (when offered by qualified practitioners), is the oldest and most proven and arguably the safest method of treating illnesses having far fewer side effects. They are treatments that are offered that are outside of what Mainstream Medicine offers and therefore seen by some as flawed or fake.

Now I freely acknowledge that there are fakes and shysters out there offering cures for literally every illness or dysfunction. I have an antique bottle with a label that proclaims it as “Dr. Smith’s Snake Oil,” it claims to cure about 20 different diseases. I know it is a fake and you would also simply by reading what it claims it can do.

Alternative Medicine Today

When it all began alternative medicine was taught by life experience. One person’s experimented with plants and found that they were successful in treating certain illnesses. They in turn passed what they had learned on to someone else. Often they were called a Medicine man or woman, a Shaman or in some cases even a Witch Doctor, (simply because people didn’t understand what they were doing). They would take apprentices and train them in the ways plants interacted with our bodies.

Today things have changed considerably as far as teaching and learning alternative medicine. There are a number of schools available for those who wish to learn about alternative medicine. I attended one myself, “Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing.” You can attend classes at the school or take online classes also; however the final classes must be completed at the school to become a Master Herbalist. I have not progressed to the Master Herbalist level yet, but I am a “Certified Family Herbalist” at this point. That’s much like having a Junior College degree in herbal medicine.

Is Alternative Medicine to be trusted?

From my experience with alternative medicine, it is very trustworthy. Alternative medicine takes in many branches of study, a few being herbalism, homeopathy, and acupuncture. Each of these branches has long and proven track records of safe and successful interactions with people.

Here is the thing about the definitions and preconceived notions some have, they have so tainted the views of some that even the FDA will not allow practitioners to claim that they cure disease or illness. I read very recently of an Herbalist being arrested in Tennessee for claiming a salve he made would cure some skin ailment. It seems that simply using the word, “Cure,” can have very negative results.

Yet, I became personally involved with Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy through the practice of my family doctor while living in a third world country, (He was also an orthopedic surgeon trained in the United Kingdom). He took care of my problem then and later when we moved back to the United States my lung cancer was cured using alternative medicine only.

You see, it is more than just studying plants, you also study the human body, how it is put together, how it works, all the way down to the cellular level. Certified or Master herbalist may not be licensed by most states, but a good one has trained extensively.

So yes, Alternative Medicine can be trusted! It is proven and practiced around the world!


You can click on the link on the side of this post or check out a few resources below:

The Herbal Legacy of Dr. John R. Christopher, M.H., N.D.

This site is full of good information about illnesses and herbs that will help.

Christopher Publications
The best source for herbal education and home to all of Dr. Christopher’s writings.

A Healthier You Radio
Listen to the archives of David & Fawn Christopher’s weekly radio show, A Healthier You.

God and Back Pain

Back Pain and God

Somewhat different from my normal style of writing I have written a new book. It is quite a bit different from the things I have written in the past, but hopefully it will be a blessing to the lives of many as I explain. You see, I trust in God completely! He is my life and my all in all, but sometimes God asks something of us also. I know it may be stretching the use of this scripture just a little, but James writes in James 2:18But someone will say, You have faith, and I have works. Show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith from my works.”

To me that says that we can sit around and complain about how back our life is, or we can do everything we can to make it better. We can can have faith in God and pray about it, but sometimes God works through people in this world to help us get better.

My Story: From Injury to Relief

If you have followed my blog you will have seen that I have become disabled this past year. 13 months ago I injured my back and have been unable to work since that time. I have found some relief from the pain through a device called a “Spinal Cord Stimulator”.

I wrote a completely new book detailing the entire journey from the injury to the recovery and a mostly pain free life now.

Spinal Cord Stimulator

Like many of you, I had never heard of this device before the doctor mentioned it and then found it very difficult to find the answers to the hundreds of questions I had about it. I wasn’t really keen about having an electronic device implanted in my back and spine. Because of this I did tons of research to learn as much as I possibly could about the device, the procedure to implant it and life afterwards. My new book details all of that.

Knowing is half the battle

Knowing the answers to your questions or at least where to find the answers makes like better. Like they use to say at the end of the G.I. Joe cartoons, “Knowing is half the battle”. In my book I detail my research into the Spinal Cord Stimulator implantation and all it entails. It is a one stop shop kind of book in which I do my best to answer your questions and tell you where you can find more information about the device and the procedure to implant it into your body.

My prayer is that this new book can be of help to many in our world who face the same situation as I. Buy the book and just maybe it will help answer your questions as the information did for me.

Water is life


Water is Life

What is there to say about water? We all are pretty much familiar with it, what it does and why it is necessary. But just in case you need a reminder, 70% of the earth is covered with water and the human body is composed of 60% water. Our bodies go through about ½ gallon of water a day through natural processes. If you don’t replace this water you face the consequences of a breakdown of many of your bodily functions fairly quickly. Basically, water is life and without it there is no life.

What kind of water?                  ú

That may seem like a strange question, but just walk through the department that displayed water in your local grocery store and you will see many varieties. Actually, maybe to be more specific there is water for sale with many different additives or descriptions of how it was obtained. There is All Natural water, Purified water, Alkaline water, Mineral water, Water with Electrolytes added, Flavored water, Distilled water, etc.

You get the picture that we have made even deciding on what type of water to drink a complicated procedure.

You may have seen the reports that tell us that much of the “fancy” water is really just tap water that receives a special name and is sold only to make more money for the supplier. I can’t tell you what ones do that, I don’t know. There are plenty of reports on the Internet that will tell you about a particular water brand. What I can tell you is what I use and have been using for a long time and that is distilled water. Recently I found “Distilled water with added Electrolytes” in our local grocery and thought this sounds like something I could safely try. I bought two cases and started drinking it while I was away from the house. After a few days I began to have stomach problems and found my skin drying out. I stopped drinking the water and things went back to normal.

Distilled Water          

How a Water Distiller works

We use distilled water in our home. In fact many years ago we purchased a water distiller and process our own in our home. I have heard, and maybe you have also, that distilled water is bad for you, that it takes the precious minerals out of the water. Understand that distilled water is not bad for you. In fact, I am convinced that this idea is being spread by the folks that install water softening systems or sell the bottled water. Basically a water distiller is an enclosed system where water is boiled and turned to vapor, the pure water vapor is captured in a holding tank for you to use.

Master Herbalist Mishelle Knuteson has this to say: “Distilled water is pure H2O. Distilled water is hungry water, which means that it will flush out inorganic minerals that the body has taken in and is unable to assimilate. This is a good thing. We do not want anything in the body that the body cannot use. If inorganic minerals are left hanging around in the body, they will cause constipation of the area which leads to disease.

Distilled water can be revitalized in a way that is completely natural, that will not change the chemical makeup of the H2O and does not add any inorganic compounds to the water.”

Again, why would this be a bad thing? Think about how pure rain water comes about. Water is vaporized by the sun and condenses in the atmosphere and drops in the form of rain.  There is nothing unusual about this, it is literally the  most natural think in the world.

Water Distillers    

Durastill water distiller

Water distillers are expensive, but then you have to consider the investment you are making. Our water distiller is over 30 years old and has never needed repairs. It has a 12 gallon holding tank and we have literally used thousands of gallons of water from it.

Water distillers will remove inorganic minerals and most of the chemicals that find their way into our water system. We live in a community which supplies water to our house. We fill our distiller tank from the tap and drink the processed distilled water from the holding tank, we also use it in making our tea and coffee, etc.

You will need to clean the distilling tank on a regular basis. Recently I cleaned my tank and took the water drained from tank outside and poured it on some cracks in my sidewalk which had grass growing in them. In just a few days all of the grass had died… I wonder just what had distilled out of the water that the rest of the community is drinking? That is what it is all about, taking the bad stuff out and leaving true pure water.

water distiller


Stabilized Rice Bran


Rice Plant

Stabilized Rice Bran

Now this product is widely available through the Internet or Health Food Stores, it wasn’t when I began. It is nutrient rich and contains over 100 anti-oxidants. You need to build your immune system and this is an excellent way to do this.

History of the product

The benefits of this product were initially discovered in India. Rice Bran, (the outer hull), is milled off of the rice to present an attractive product. Researchers discovered that mothers in India would go to the mill and gather the discarded Rice Bran and make a broth from it and give it to their sick children. The children, more often than not would recover. When they began to research the reason, they found that Rice Bran was filled with good things. As is often done, we discard the most beneficial part of the plant because we don’t like the look, the texture or the taste.

Rice Bran

The problem with rice bran is that it has a very short shelf life and if it is not used quickly all benefits are lost. The problem of how to stabilize it was tackled by the researchers and they eventually found a way to make the product stable and storable, thus the name, “Stabilized Rice Bran”. If you want to boost your immune system this is one product you will want to consider.

Boost Immunity

What does this miracle plant discard do? It does a lot! Such as:

“Abnormal cells, bacteria, and viruses proliferate in our bodies all the time, but normally the immune system annihilates them before they have a chance to develop into illness, disease or cancer.

The immune system is a complex network coordinating the activities that protect us from harmful microbial invaders (bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites) and stop abnormal cell proliferation. This system protects us from all types of illness and disease. But it can be weakened by nutritional deficiencies, prolonged illness and inflammation, and by the carcinogens, dangerous metals, poisons, toxins and stress we are exposed to every day.

When a person has a weakened immune system, even a simple cold or flu can escalate and become a life-threatening illness. Having a strong immune system is the best defense against illness and disease. Nutritionally strengthening and supporting the immune system is essential, especially after the age of 50 because the body’s natural defenses decline with age.

Sterols and Sterolins (found in plants) are great immune supporters. They help the immune system stop cancer, kill bacteria, destroy viruses and slow down the aging process. They have also been shown to keep patients infected with the HIV virus from developing AIDS. Stabilized rice bran has high concentrations of Sterolins and Phytosterols that have demonstrated potent antiviral and antibacterial effects.” (shared by a friend, I don’t know the original author).

Lower Cancer Risk

When I was diagnosed with cancer this was one of the main parts of my recovery plan.  Cancer is now the leading cause of death globally. It is estimated that cancer will kill 84 million people in the next ten years. While cancer is linked to many things in our world we have found that there are many natural products that will cure or slow down this disease also.

One of the most important things you can do is to stop filling your body with the cancer causing foods, junk foods, artificial sweeteners and sugars. If you won’t feed it, it will go away.

Spinal Cord Stimulator

Spinal Cord Stimulator


A New Book

Somewhat different from my normal style of writing I have written a new book. It is quite a bit different from the things I have written in the past, but hopefully it will be a blessing to the lives of many.

From Injury to relief

If you have followed my blog you will have seen that I have become disabled this past year. 13 months ago I injured my back and have been unable to work since that time. I have found some relief from the pain through a device called a “Spinal Cord Stimulator”.

I wrote a completely new book detailing the entire journey from the injury to the recovery and a mostly pain free life now.

Learn what it is all about

Like many of you, I had never heard of this device before the doctor mentioned it and then found it very difficult to find the answers to the hundreds of questions I had about it. I wasn’t really keen about having an electronic device implanted in my back and spine. Because of this I did tons of research to learn as much as I possibly could about the device, the procedure to implant it and life afterwards. My new book details all of that.

Answering your questions

Knowing the answers to your questions or at least where to find the answers makes like better. In my book I detail my research into the Spinal Cord Stimulator implantation and all it entails. It is a one stop shop kind of book in which I do my best to answer your questions and tell you where you can find more information about the device and the procedure to implant it into your body.

My prayer is that this new book can be of help to many in our world who face the same situation as I. Buy the book and just maybe it will help answer your questions as the information did for me.


When you have flu what can you do naturally?

When you have flu what can you do naturally?


The lowly Red Raspberry Leaf a key to good health

One of the important questions for us to day is: When you have flu or a cold what can you do naturally? One answer is Red Raspberry! Red Raspberry leaf is a minor miracle among herbs and one of my most favorite to use. It will boost your immune system and protect you from many things, and especially things like the flu and colds in most cases. It is especially high in Iron and Vitamin C.

Many folks love Red Raspberries! They enjoy this slightly tart red fruit. They make pies and jams, tarts and smoothies, but no one really thinks about the leaves of the plant. Yet the Red Raspberry Leaf really doesn’t have as much of a “fruity” taste as you might expect. The taste is more green and earthy, yet it is a very mild taste. I normally mix it in with another tea, such as a Green tea or a fruit tea such as Acai or Blueberry, but most often I use Elderberry.  All of these teas help boost and protect the immune system and fight the flu and colds. If you are already sick with the flu, (diarrhea, etc.), the Red Raspberry Leaf will help a restore the minerals you need to stabilize your system and calm your stomach.

Raspberry provides natural amounts of the following:

*(See note)

Alpha-Carotene Manganese

Alpha-Tocopherol Niacin

Ascorbic Acid Pectin

Boron Phosphorus

Calcium Potassium

Chromium Riboflavin

Fiber Selenium

Iron Silicon

Magnesium Thiamin

Malic Acid Zinc

(*From book: School of Natural Healing (Dr. John R. Christopher, Christopher Publications, P.O. Box 412, Springville, Utah 84663)


It is a proven fact in my life

I add Red Raspberry leave to my herbal tea just about every day. I don’t remember the last time I had a cold or the flu. I also do not take “the flu shot,” which is so readily available in our society.

Traditional Medicinals Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea, 16 Tea Bags (Pack of 6)

A History from Dr. Christopher:

“Dr. Christopher recounts in his book the story of a woman who had several children and two of them came home from school with the flu. They called Dr. Christopher who gave them this instruction:

He said: “The last time I was over at your house, I noticed you had a large patch of red raspberries.” “Yes the woman said, but what does that have to do with the stomach flu?”

Dr. Christopher instructed her to “Go out and gather several bushels of leaves from the red raspberry bushes. Make it into a tea, just take a big handful of the leaves and pour a pint of boiling water over them and let it steep for 20 minutes.” The lady gave it a try and afterwards she said She had two children who had had come home sick that day and might have been out of school for days or weeks like some of her other sick children. After starting the tea all of the children were able to go back to school the next day. Also, she and her husband didn’t catch the flu either. Red Raspberry Leaf is a powerful medicine.”


Other Additions to boost the immune system against the flu and colds

Echinaccea 2-4 capsules every two hours if you are feeling flu symptoms. (If a tincture 1 dropper full every 2-4 hours Echinaccea is antimicrobial and will help build the immune system.

Cayenne – (this powerful herb can be purchased in capsule form). At the first signs of a cold take 2 capsules with plenty of water. If possible get into steam, such as a hot shower. The Cayenne will probably cause you to sweat and it opens your blood vessels and increases your circulation.

Garlic – This is great to use for its antibiotic properties. Take as much as you feel comfortable with. I like to take organic chicken broth, (home made if possible), and add several cloves of garlic as well as onion. NOTE: As an alternative you can chop fresh garlic and mix it with Vaseline. Apply this mixture to the bottoms of the feet and wrap in plastic wrap and then place socks over this. It will enter your system and you will taste garlic, (as well as having garlic breath). This works best of done over night, but can be done anytime when you don’t have to be on your feet.

Supper Garlic Immune formula by doctor Christopher. If you can’t put the garlic poultice on your feet, you may try this product. This is a distilled garlic juice with high potency. Take 1-2 Tablespoons every few hours.

Dr Christophers Super Garlic Immune 4 oz

The Flu and Natural Cures

The Flu

flu and colds

Whenever we mention the word “Flu” in describing how we feel, people immediately back away, (as well they should). The Flu is very contagious and as you know it is sometimes deadly. If you are aware of what is going on the world, you most likely know that the “Flu shot” or “Flu Vaccine” is mostly ineffective. Very few people get any protection from the flu vaccine, as one study reported only about 10% of those in their study group who were vaccinated did not get the flu.

What are the alternatives?

 Actually there are quite a few alternatives to taking the flu shot. I want to try and highlight a few of them in this post.

Chicken soup (made the right way)

You may have heard about the healing power of Grandma’s chicken soup. Well, I can’t really comment on how grandma made it, but there is a better way. It starts with your basic chicken soup. Hopefully you will be making it from scratch and not just dumping it out of a can, but if you have to, let’s try and make it healthier for you.

Here is what you do, first chop up a whole medium Onion and add it to the broth. Then chop up a whole Garlic clove and add it to the broth. You see; both Garlic and Onion contain strong antibacterial and antiviral compounds. Eat as much as you can and it will help shorten the effects of the flu.

Garlic tea


For fighting colds, coughs and especially the flu you might try this. It doesn’t necessarily taste the best, but if you can get it down it is a great way to take advantage of garlic’s healing properties. Try sweetening it was Raw unfiltered honey, Agave or Stevia.


One of my favorites is using Elderberries to prevent the flu. I personally use Elderberry Tincture in my tea almost every day. The fact is that Herbalists have used these small dark berries for hundreds of years as a general tonic and because of their general health benefits. Elderberries are extremely high in vitamin C so offer a lot of protection that way. But they are also high in antioxidants and lower the rate of heart disease and stroke. Some herbalist prescribe Elderberries to help prevent eye disease

Another great benefit is that Elderberries have been found to help prevent inflammation in arthritis and is beneficial for Alzheimer’s and dementia. It is also said that because of its high levels of antioxidants it helps reduce the effects of aging.

Henry Box an Herbalist from England, wrote: “For colds, influenza, fevers, inflammation of the brain, pneumonia, inflammation of stomach, bowels, or any other part, this is a certain cure. I have never known it to fail, even when given up and at the point of death it will not only save at the eleventh hour, but at the last minute of that hour. It is so harmless that you cannot use it amiss, and so effectual that you cannot give it in vain.”

Elderberries can be prepared as a tea or a tincture, it can be purchased from most health food stores, some stores even carry it in teabags. You can also purchase the dried berries in a variety of places or if you are lucky you can pick them in the wild during the summer months. You can place the berries in a pan of distilled water and simmer them for 15 minutes, strain and drink the resulting juice. I have even left the berries in the cup and ate them, elderberries are quite tasty.

Check out some of the link you find at the bottom this article, order some and try it yourself.  You won’t be disappointed!

Thanks for reading,

Russ Lawson

Dried Whole ElderBerries

Elderberry Syrup

A personal perspective on cancer

Cancer cells

Cancer is one of the most feared words in the English language. Here is my story: In 1996 we returned from Kenya to the United States after working there for 6 years. While living there I was introduced by a Physician friend to Natural Medicine as an alternative to Pharmaceutical drugs.

We were returning to the states to restart our lives enjoying work, family and especially a new grandson. Cancer was the furthest think from all of my thoughts, but then it usually is, isn’t it.

Things went well for us for a time, but then in 2002 I developed a persistent cough. I went to my doctor who was and still is a close friend. He a thought it was a bronchial infection, (I had been prone to those since returning from Africa), but the cough persisted. He sent me for x-rays and it showed a spot on my right lung.

My doctor was concerned of course and referred me to a lung specialist. The specialist started a whole battery of test, more x-rays, CAT scan, Sonogram and the most conclusive a PET scan. Now just in case you don’t know what that is, here is the medical definition:


“Positron emission tomography, also called PET imaging or a PET scan, is a type of nuclear medicine imaging.

Nuclear medicine is a branch of medical imaging that uses small amounts of radioactive material to diagnose and determine the severity of or treat a variety of diseases, including many types of cancers, heart disease, gastrointestinal, endocrine, neurological disorders and other abnormalities within the body. Because nuclear medicine procedures are able to pinpoint molecular activity within the body, they offer the potential to identify disease in its earliest stages as well as a patient’s immediate response to therapeutic interventions.” (

Basically they put radioactive material in sugar water (glucose) and put it into your blood stream. Cancer cells love sugar, so they gobble it up and then they glow brightly when they take images of your body.

The Results

I remember very clearly the day we did the follow-up visit with the lung specialist. We of course were sent to a consulting room and eventually the doctor came in and said, “Mr. Lawson, the test show conclusively that you have a cancerous mass in your right lung”. He paused, waiting for a response from me; I just looked at him and said, “OK, what do we do next?”

He had kind of a shocked look on his face as he didn’t know what to say next. He then said, “As long as I have been dealing with people no one has ever responded that way.” I suppose he was used to someone breaking down in tears or such, which I can very easily understand. I responded to him, “Well, God was in control when I came into this room and He still is!” He didn’t quite know what to make of that, but we continued with the consultation. You may get a glimmer of how important my faith is to me.

The results of the tests showed that I had a small mass in my right lung behind my heart. This of course made it a little harder to get to or treat. He of course discussed several methods of treatment and we said we needed to talk and pray about it. (I haven’t mentioned it, but I had been a Minister for around 31 years at this time.)

My Decision   


We went home and talked and prayed about it. I told my wife (having been a minster for so long), I had seen so many people exactly where we were at. I had seen them go through the chemo and radiation treatments and the results were a life of misery. Yes, the treatments sometimes were successful, but struggles people had just dealing with all of the side effects didn’t interest me. Also the success rates for the treatments at the time were dismal to say the least.

In the end I decided that I would not undergo any of the traditional treatment methods, but I would look into alternative treatment. So, I began yet again a new branch in the road for my unexpected adventure,  and let me to a second book “Natural Cancer Cure”.

I hope you will take time to follow the links and look it over.